No Question Too Dumb


I interviewed an old friend who reminded me of the tagline for an online community I once owned and ran for twenty years. Our tagline was “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”

The people that found themselves joining the community were natural born self learners who did not hesitate to share their knowledge with others.

I built my first website in 1995. Thanks to several mentors who believed in me, I developed confidence and was inspired to keep trying new things. I taught myself how to animate images but required help when it came to handcoding nested tables in HTML pages.

I taught myself website promotion techniques, which later became known as search engine optimization (SEO). Whatever I was unclear about I knew where to find teachers, most of whom I remain friends with to this day.

Donna Cavalier came to my online community as a member, then became a moderator and finally one of the technical administrators, which were necessary as the forums grew and required better software. She was one of my most trusted advisors, not only because of her technical skills, but because she never made me feel dumb for needing help.

One of the reasons I started this new blog is because I needed to return to a time in my life where learning was fun and sharing knowledge wasn’t about competition or ego.

As a self starter and endless research maniac, I can spend hours trying to teach myself something new. I learned a very long ago that people who know what you want to know are often happy to teach you, without judgement.

I do enough of the self critical analyzing mumbo jumbo as it is. This video is my first time ever conducting an interview using Zoom. I’ve conducted interviews before, and been interviewed, but this was my first step into using Zoom as the platform.

I pulled the file into my Camtasia so that I could edit it and add an intro and exit credits and a few other fun things. Later, when I wanted to make more accessible, I tried to teach myself transcription but ended up learning how to create subtitles and uploading the edited text.

I gained more knowledge by doing and a newfound empathy for those whose job it is to make sure our words are available to those who like or require the assistance.

Zoom Interview with Kim Krause Berg and Donna Cavalier