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This is the personal website for Kim Krause Berg.

It’s a work in progress and therefore a mess.

“The Eyes of Truth are always watching you” — By “Enigma”

I have always enjoyed writing. Naming moments, things, and experiences plugs me into the universe looking for clues.

Serene, but guarded. Open, but closed. Fortress in a meadow. Ruler. This is the meaning of my name, Kimberly – I’m never serene.

Hello World

The first time I saw the Internet in 1994 I heard a chorus from the universe burst into my head with raised soprano voices.

My destiny was with what they called the World Wide Web. I was a single mom with two young children, no job and still trying to figure out where I would live.

I decided to teach myself a career.

A friend gave me a used 286 RAM PC with 9600 baud modem, which I wired into the phone line in the kitchen of the townhouse I was about to move out of, dialed up AOL and called myself “Dancing Thunder”.

Been growing dreams ever since.

I like to Look