Special Deals

Kim Krause Berg is famous for informative, affordable, actionable website usability reviews and full site audits. Check out the following special deals.

  1. $500 Small and Medium Size Business Homepage Conversions Review – The flat $500 fee you pay for this homepage review covers your entire homepage from top to bottom.
    • Usability principles
    • Information architecture and navigation
    • Persuasive design
    • Accessibility standards
    • Organic SEO
    • Actionable recommendations
  2. $2000 – Small and Medium Site Business Site Audit * – For a flat fee of $2000, your entire website is audited. This fee includes one form, such as contact, quote and sales leads forms. Add $500 for shopping cart task, functional and user interface testing.
    • Usability principles and standard practices
    • Information architecture and navigation
    • Persuasive design, calls to action, conversions design
    • Accessibility standards
    • Organic SEO
    • Actionable recommendations
    • Screenshots
    • Mockups where applicable
    • Competitive review
  3. $150 – Website Site Check By Phone – $150 an hour, with free 30 minute site preparation before the call. You take notes and ask questions. I will answer them and provide you with solutions, recommendations and perhaps send you to try some great tools to help keep your costs down.
    • 1 hour minimum for the call
    • Skype, JoinMe, by Phone are all options
    • By appointment only.

* Larger sites start at $3000 due to their size or scope. I always provide a Free Quote when your needs exceed the special deal offer.

My Reputation is Based on These Qualities

Trust.  Credible Advice.  Affordability.  Fair.  No Hype.  No push to sell you more expensive services.  Passionate about YOUR success, at all times.

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Stock up before the holiday rush!  Payments  in full via check or PayPal in advance, with the exception of the full site audit, which permits a deposit.

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