Kim Krause Berg is a Rare Gem

Affordable usability website reviews

Kim Krause Berg has been building, marketing and testing websites since 1995.  This award winning cross trained usability expert has provided affordable usability services for every size and type of website, for leading search engine marketing companies as a partner, and is equally dedicated to her local community providing friendly, affordable services to small businesses.

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How do visitors experience your website?

From Home Grown Support to Corporate Scope

If you want a website, Kim will do whatever possible to make that happen.  She has worked on many of the most famous websites in the world in some capacity, from usability audits to information architecture mapping and re-design.  Locally, Kim has put up sites for consultants, authors, alternative health healers, and businesses who want a web presence.  Her list of clients is over 500 and growing.

What Does Kim Krause Berg Do?

Well, sleep is not on the list.

But, she is called a rare gem because of what she can do.  Most people pick a set of skills and stay there.  Kim took advantage of every opportunity that came her way, every mentor who took notice of her abilities, and every chance to learn something new that might enhance her expertise.  Today, she partners with experts she has worked with over the years, who are able to fill in the areas she has moved away from such as search engine optimiziation (SEO) and she has partnered with the best of the best in professional video production, and full scope digital marketing.

Sign on fridgeKim can do:

Affordable web site usability site audits and smaller site reviews.

They are highly intensive in their scope and include sections other companies do not have the skills to include in their audits.  Online software user interface, usability and functional testing.  She will tell you she loves nothing more than to purposely try to blow up an application, “Because if I can, hackers will.”

Information architecture mapping, site structure, design and strategy.

– Bring your keywords.

Organic SEO.

– Kim started out in the pioneering days of website promotion and continues to implement organic SEO elements into all of her usability work projects.  Her audits are intended to support SEO, and they do, because she knows the lay of that land.

Accessibility testing and implementation.

I- f your website is a .gov, .edu or wants to be used by everybody, no matter what their age, physical handicap or special need, Kim tests for compliance and codes to meet Section 508 and PAS 78 guidelines and WCAG2.0 compliance standards.


– The fastest way to put a website.  Kim knows CSS3 and HTML5, Photoshop and Starbucks cafe mocha.

Mobile testing

– Is your website ready for all devices?

Responsive design

– The latest of her recently acquired skills, Kim is gearing up for a return to regular old hand-coding websites.  Hence why she doesn’t sleep anymore.

This is the bulk of it.  She has been a columnist and blogger since 2002.  She keeps threatening to write a book.

How Do I Hire Kim Krause Berg?

First, I meet you at a local organic farm and pick green beans together….Wait.

The easiest first step is to fill out the contact form and request information or set up a phone call.

If you know what you want, Request a Free Quote from the form in the right sidebar.

Why Should I Hire Kim Krause Berg?

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Let’s make your website stand out from the crowd.

You are a smart cookie?

Her company is called Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC. She tests websites and helps companies improve them.

In 1998 Kim founded Cre8asiteforums.  It was acquired in 2012 by Internet Marketing Ninjas.  To this day, she is still its Administrator and Zen Mom.

In 1996 Cre8pc.com was launched and thrived until it was officially retired in July 2014.  The site is now a personal site project  where Kim shares her stories, because she has them.